Safe Guide

What is Safe Guide?

Be Prepared is the motto of Girl Guides around the world. This challenges us to think critically as we work to meet the needs of today’s girls and Guiders in providing girl-focused programming. Safe Guide is the document that GGC provides to guide Members in the preparation of plans for exciting activities and opportunities in their quest to deliver innovative activities for girls.

Provincial Process for Activity Assessment

Determine Safe Guide Activity Level (Green, Yellow or Red)

  • Use Activity Planning Chart in the Safe Guide document (page 16). Your level is determined by the highest level ticked anywhere on the chart.
  • Green Level activities: Follow Safe Guide. Check supervision ratios, caregiver information and permission, first aid and emergency response planning. No further assessment needed.
  • For Yellow or Red activities: At this level, someone outside your Unit (a provincial Safe Guide assessor) will take a “second look” at your plans to ensure they all Safe Guide requirement are met. Log into the GGC Portal to submit forms. Your documents will then be sent to an appropriate assessor who will communicate directly with you regarding your activity plan.

The following timeline for Safe Guide submissions apply:

  • For yellow events: 14 days prior to your activity or event.
  • For yellow events with more than 75 participant: 21 days prior to your activity/event.
  • For red events: 21 days prior to your activity/event 
  • For green events: safe guide forms do not need to be submitted
  • For interprovincial/international under 72 hours event: 30 days prior
  • For interprovincial/international trips over 72 hours: see timelines on the 1 - International Group Trip Planning Timeline form

Submit Forms

How to use GGC Portal (PDF)
How to use GGC Portal (Video Tutorials)

After you submit your forms

  • you will receive an automatic response (with your tracking number) that your forms have been submitted. This is not an automatic acknowledgement (yellow level) or approval (red level) for your activity.
  • Once the assessor has reviewed your forms you will receive an email either acknowledging (yellow level) or approving (red level) your forms from the GGC Portal.
  • The Safe Guide Assessor may request clarification or additional information. Please follow up with her as soon as possible so that she can complete the assessment of your activity. Include your tracking number when responding.
  • If, after submitting your forms, you have not heard from an assessor within one week, please e-mail the Safe Guide Adviser as above quoting your tracking number.
  • If you have not received authorization for your activity at least three days prior to your activity, contact Safe Guide Adviser as above, quoting your tracking number to request a status update.

Safe Guide Resources and Support

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