Provincial Travel Fund

Members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Council are able to access financial resources under the Provincial Travel Fund, established from funds In Memoriam and Trust. The Fund consists of three accounts, the MacPherson Trust (1974); The Violet M. Cherrington Trust (1984); and The Madge Sheppard Trust (1988). These funds were all established independently from each other from money donated either in memory of a Guiding member or from GGCNL property sale proceeds.

Criteria for Use of the Provincial Travel Fund

  • Applications, once complete with the necessary documents and approvals, including signatures, are to be filed with the respective department, either Camping or International (applications may be sent to the Provincial Office for re-direction to the appropriate Provincial Adviser);
  • If funding is to be granted for Independent Group Travel, the primary purpose of the travel and the itinerary must include some Guiding components. The Provincial Adviser in consultation with her committee will decide if the itinerary meets the criteria for funding;
  • Assistance to attend camp at Trefoil Trails may be considered from this fund. Applicants must apply to the Camping Department, using the prescribed form, and monies may be allocated depending on the program presented, resources available, and commitments for the particular year;
  • The Departments of Camping and International will estimate travel amounts, based on what they are aware is planned for the year, and will submit their estimated total amount needed in the usual annual budgeting process;
  • At the time of the preparation of the annual budget for the Provincial Council, the amount to be transferred from the Provincial Travel Fund to the operating budgets of the Departments of Camping and International will be recommended by the Provincial Finance Committee to the Provincial Council.
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