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Every girl in Guiding deserves the same amazing experience. That’s why we’ve created one program platform that makes finding what you want to do fun and easy. We’re still working on moving all our programming to one place. In the meantime, you can click on the links on menu to find provincial programs near you.

Program Resources for Calgary Area Guiders

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This page focuses on third-party resources that are in and around Calgary Area. It lists venues where you can take your unit on a field trip, and organizations that will provide facilitators to come to you. Girl Guides of Canada is not associated with any of these companies/organizations and does not endorse any products or services that such companies/organizations may offer. If you have suggestions of resources to add to the list, please send them to

Program Resources

Expand the program areas to see places that offer programs that fulfill program requirements. Each item will list the branch the activity is appropriate for:

  • S - Sparks
  • B - Brownies
  • G - Guides
  • P - Pathfinders
  • R - Rangers


Be Well

Healthy Youth Relationships

Healthy Youth Relationships ( R )
Red Cross offers a free e-learning module on healthy youth relationships. Takes about 90 minutes to complete and includes interactive games and quizzes. Could be done during a unit meeting if you have internet available. Guiders could also take the module before tackling these topics with their girls.

Humane Society

Humane Society (G, P, R )
Offers a presentation on bullying where participants explore the similarities between bullying and animal cruelty by comparing the motivations behind aggressive behavior.


Build Skills

Calgary Parrot

Calgary Parrot (S, B, G, P, R )
Local parrot owners will bring their parrot and share what life is like with a parrot. Contact their club Promotions Director.

Humane Society

Humane Society (S, B, G, P, R )
Offers behind-the-scene tours of their facility as well as onsite and offsite presentations on a wide range of topics.


Petland (S, B, G)
Offers one-hour interactive presentations in-store or at your meeting location. Number and type of pets will vary but can include small and furry, and slithery and scaly.


Connect and Question


Connect and Question: Local Communities

Girls will connect with people, places and things in the communities that surround them. Discover how different communities work and the different roles people play. Learn about community services and engagement. Find your place and space within your own communities and develop your own sense of community.

Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tours (G, P, R)
Free. Offered from May through October. Mounties and ministers, cowboys and cooks, prohibitionists and politicians! Join volunteer tour guides on a walk-through time to learn about the people, personalities and events that shaped the vibrant city Calgary is today.

Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower (All Ages)
Ride the C-train downtown and then go up the Calgary Tower. Visits now include self-directed, informative multimedia tours. Ask for group admission rates in advance.

Chinese Cultural Centre

Chinese Cultural Centre (B, G, P, R)
Contact them for evening tours and activities.

City Counsellors

City Counsellors (G, P. R)
Invite your local City Counsellor to your unit meeting.

CTV Tours

CTV Tours (All Ages)
Will give evening tours of their studio in SW Calgary at no charge. Contact Dale Jubb or the main switchboard at 403-240-5600.

Fire Station Tours

Fire Station Tours (S, B)
See and learn about fire fighting equipment. Free. Book through 311 or online.

Food Bank

Food Bank (P, R)
Tour or volunteer at the warehouse where people sort donations, build hampers, and distribute food. Girls must be at least 10 years old to go on tours and 12 years old to volunteer.

Heritage Park Ghost Tours

Heritage Park Ghost Tours (P, R)
Take a guided tour and listen to spooky stories as you explore some of the most haunted buildings in Calgary. Includes a hot chocolate break at the Burn’s Barn. Tour is 2 hours. Cost $170 for maximum 30 girls.

Historic Walking Tours

Historic Walking Tours (G, P, R)
Calgary Ghost Tours will do ghost tours and non-ghost historic tours in Inglewood, downtown and Mount Royal neighborhoods. They can customize tours for private group bookings and different ages.

Humane Society

Humane Society (G, P, R)
Offers presentations on urbanization and wildlife examining what happens when humans and wildlife collide with an emphasis on co-existing with wildlife in urban areas. Content adapted to the age level.

Public Art Walks

Public Art Walks (G, P, R)
Explore the city by going on a walking tour. Use the city of Calgary website to create a walking tour of public art in various parts of the city. Downtown, the beltline and Inglewood are good neighborhoods to visit. GPSMyCity provides some pre-made walking tours. The Stampede art walk takes you through the most prominent pieces of western art on the Stampede grounds and in downtown Calgary. Combine your walk with a ride on the LRT and the girls love it.

Public Library Visits

Public Library Visits (S, B)
Pre-book a tour or story time program or simply visit the library on your own. The new downtown library is well worth a visit.

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries (All Ages)
Go on a neighborhood walk and check out all the little free libraries in your neighborhood. You’ll probably find a lot more than are listed on the website. Take a book and leave a book.

Police Officer

Police Officer (All Ages)
Invite your local area community resource officer to your unit meeting.

Ride the C-Train

Ride the C-Train (S, B)
Sparks and Brownies love a simple ride on the C-Train. Ride all the way to the end of the line and back.

Seniors Residences

Seniors Residences (All Ages)
Contact the activities director of your local seniors residence to arrange a visit. Wonderful to visit at all times of the year. Do simple crafts or puzzles with the residents, colour pictures together, read stories, have girls bring an item from home and do show-and-tell, sing songs (clapping and actions encouraged). Build snow sculptures outdoors where the residents can see them through their windows.


Connect and Question: Canadian Connections

Girls will discover what connects our diverse Canadian mosaic from coast to coast to coast. Explore Canadian heritage and discover amazing women from Canada who have made and continue to make history. Find out what connects us from community to community, and explore what citizenship means in Canada.

Bow and Elbow River Walking and Audio Tour around Fort Calgary

Bow and Elbow River Walking & Audio Tour around Fort Calgary (G, P, R)
The land at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers has been a meaningful place for many peoples since time immemorial. This free, self-guided walking & audio tour shares some of the significance of this place, past and present, to the Blackfoot, Tsuut’ina, and Métis Nations. The tour circles around Fort Calgary. No admission required.

Cree8 Indigenous Workshops

Cree8 Indigenous Workshops (B, G, P, R)
Cree8 aims to create bridges between people, culture and within yourself. Cree8 offers performances, presentations and workshops to share traditional aboriginal culture, crafts and teachings.

Hangar Flight Museum

Hangar Flight Museum (All Ages)
Learn about western Canada’s aviation history. The museum will leave you inspired with dreams of flight! Can pre-book private guided group tours, as well as workshops on topics such as airplane nose art and aeronautics.

Heritage Minutes

Heritage Minutes (G, P, R)
Collection of about 100 different one-minute videos. Each video depicts a significant person, event or story in Canadian history. Topic areas include pre-confederation, women, arts & culture, heroes, human rights, military, sports, science & innovation, and indigenous history.

Heritage Park - Famous 5 Challenge

Heritage Park - Famous 5 Challenge (B, G)
Learn the names of the Famous 5, their occupations and what they achieved, how it affects girls today, what would have been different in their loves if the ‘persons’ case had not been successful, and what still needs to be done in our world. Workshop is 2 hours long. Cost $170 for maximum 30 participants.

Heritage Park - All About Nellie

Heritage Park - All About Nellie (B, G)
Who was Nellie McClung? Most of us recognize her as a member of the Famous 5 and a key player in the 1929 “Persons Case”, but there is so much more to her than that. Using the artifacts and information in the exhibit as inspiration, students will create a scrapbooking journal and make Nellie’s work as an author; teacher; activist; politician; wife and mother come alive. Workshop is 2 hours long. Cost $170 for maximum 30 participants.

Law Day Alberta

Law Day Alberta (G, P, R)
Annual free public event held on a Saturday in April at the Calgary Court House downtown. Activities include mock trials such as Cinderella vs. Elsa, courthouse tours, open citizenship courts, ask-a-lawyer, security demonstrations, and many booths and displays.

Many Chief Tours

Many Chief Tours (G, P, R)
Go on a guided walking tour to explore Calgary’s indigenous culture, history and connection to the environment. Tours take place at Princes Island and Nose Hill Park.

The Memory Project

The Memory Project (All Ages)
The Memory Project is a volunteer speakers bureau that arranges for veterans and Canadian Forces members to share their stories of military service. All programming is free of charge. While Remembrance Day is their busiest time, they operate year-round. They also offer free learning materials.


Politicians (G, P, R)
Invite a city counsellor, MLA or MP to visit your unit. Bonus if they are female.


Connect and Question: World Stage

Girls will become a citizen of the world! They will develop their global connections by exploring big picture issues that affect everyone worldwide. They will understand the difference between equality, equity and inclusion; learn about social and environmental issues, and develop their capacity to connect and question at a global level.

Centre for Affordable Water Sanitation and Technology (CAWST)

Centre for Affordable Water Sanitation and Technology (CAWST) (B, G, P, R)
CAWST will send a speaker to your meeting to teach about water issues around the globe.

Chinese Cultural Centre

Chinese Cultural Centre (B, G, P, R)
Contact them for evening tours and activities.

Hangar Flight Museum

Hangar Flight Museum (B, G, P, R)
Learn about world history in their Second World War hangar and the military, commercial and civilian planes contained within it. Private tours can be arranged outside normal operating hours.

The Military Museums

The Military Museums (B, G, P, R)
Not just for Remembrance Day. Private bookings for 1.5-hour long evening programs year-round. Topics include understanding remembrance, handle artefacts from the Great War to Afghanistan, tours, and more. Cost $10 per child. Two free adults. Additional adults cost $6 per person.


Experiment and Create

Art Studio: Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum (S, B, G, P, R )
Collections of art and historical objects that represent the people and ideas that have shaped our region. Free on the first Thursday of every month.

Science Lab: Bricks for Kids

Bricks for Kids (S, B, G )
This building club will come to your unit and do a 1 – 1.5 hour session centered around engineering principles and structures using Lego as the tool.

Science Lab: Earth Science for Society

Earth Science for Society ( B, G, P )
Earth Science for Society (ESfS) is a free annual event held in mid-March, open to the public, which showcases the importance of Earth Science in our everyday lives. Presenters at four themed pavilions, Resources and You, Energy for Us, One Dynamic Earth, and Our Future!, give dynamic demonstrations and have interactive exhibits for experiential learning. Content ties very closely to the Alberta GeoScience Challenge crest. Girl Guide units can pre-register for special access on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.


Explore Identities




Guide Together

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (S, B, G, P, R )
Outreach programs on a wide range of topics including bats, birds of prey, skunks, wetlands, owls and more. Also offers virtual tours of their wildlife rehabilitation centre. Will travel out-of-town for additional fee.

Bow Habitat Station / Fish Hatchery

Bow Habitat Station / Fish Hatchery (S, B, G )
Visit their Discovery Centre and investigate Alberta’s fish, water and wildlife. Excellent programs. Evening programs have very limited availability. Book early.


Into the Outdoors

Camping and the Great Outdoors: Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (S, B, G, P, R )
Outreach programs on a wide range of topics including bats, birds of prey, skunks, wetlands, owls and more. Also offers virtual tours of their wildlife rehabilitation centre. Will travel out-of-town for additional fee.

Camping and the Great Outdoors: Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (S, B, G, P )
Outreach programs with live owls and hawks. Option to dissect owl pellets for small additional fee.

Camping and the Great Outdoors: Cross Conservation Area

Cross Conservation Area (S, B, G )
Outreach program on topics such as insects, plants and animals, forests, and more. Best to have both indoor and outdoor space available for sessions.


Take Action

CAWST Wavemakers

CAWST Wavemakers (S, B, G, P, R )
Wavemakers provides youth with the awareness and tools they need to take action on global and local water and sanitation issues.

Pitch-In Canada

Pitch-In Canada (S, B, G, P, R )
Pitch-In Week is usually the 3rd week of April, to coincide with Earth Day.

Shoreline Cleanup

Shoreline Cleanup (S, B, G, P, R )
Register to do cleanups on rivers and lakes in and around Calgary. Track the litter you collect and help the environment. Best done in spring and fall.

Yellow Fish Road Service Project

Yellow Fish Road Service Project (S, B, G, P, R )
Storm Drain Marking Program: Help protect our local waterways! This is a challenge to the Guiding community to participate in marking storm drains and handing out information which encourages members of local neighborhoods to safeguard the water supply by keeping pollutants out of the storm drain system. Many people are surprised to learn that water entering the curbside storm drains flows directly into the local rivers untreated. For more info, and to book storm drain marking kits, please contact Lynn at or call 403-209-5181.

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