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The Alberta Council Youth Forum is comprised of up to ten Rangers from Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon. These Rangers work together to make a positive impact in Guiding at the provincial and national levels. They develop skills in leadership, teamwork, organization, problem solving, planning and youth engagement

The Alberta Council Youth Forum works under the guidance of an elected Guider(s), who are a member of Alberta Council and an adult committee member. These Guiders advise the Youth Forum and are the liaison to Alberta Council.

  • Publishing the first Youth Forum Challenge
  • Creating Alberta Council Year in Review Videos
  • Supporting Alberta Council Rally Day with badge designs & swag selection
  • Input on Alberta Council by participating in committee meetings and providing input in Alberta Council events
  • Attending the Alberta Council AGM
  • And more!

Alberta Council Youth Forum Expectations

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ANY Youth Forum Anna

Hi! My name is Anna. I’m a third-year Ranger and a new member of the Youth Forum. I started guiding as a third-year guide, and being in Girl Guides has given me opportunities I never would’ve had otherwise, such as visiting a world centre! I’m excited to have this opportunity to make new friends and give back to the community. I’ve learned many things from Girl Guides, from organizational skills to how to build a fire. Guiding has brought me so much joy throughout the years; it has helped me find who I am through introducing me to new people and experiences.

Outside of guiding, I enjoy watching movies, going out with my dog when he is cooperative, lying among my stacks of unread books lamenting over what to read next, writing, and drawing.

Carly - Coordinator, ANY Council Youth Forum

ANY Youth Forum Carly

Hello! My name is Carly and I’m one of the co-coordinators for our ANY Council Youth Forum. This is my 13th year in Guiding (both as a youth and adult member) and in addition to my role on the Youth Forum, I am a Pathfinder/Ranger unit Guider, and a Training and DEI Facilitator. I love working with our youth members and ensuring that their voices are at the forefront of Guiding!

I am currently completing my Bachelor’s in social work. When I’m not in school or Guiding, I love spending time with my friends, family, and my dog, as well as reading, baking, and camping!


ANY Youth Forum Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! This is my eleventh year in Guiding and my second year in Rangers. I have been in Guiding since I was a wee little Spark! I am very excited to be on the ANY Council Youth Forum again this year! Guiding has given me so many amazing opportunities throughout my life and I love the connections I get to build with other people who share the same love of Guiding as me. My favourite memories I made last year were going on an independent maritimes trip with my unit and getting to attend CROCUS 2023! I’m so excited for Guiding and another year of making amazing memories!

Outside of Guiding, you can find me reading, writing, and taking pictures on my camera. You can also catch me listening to Taylor Swift as I am a Huge Swiftie!


ANY Youth Forum HannahL

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m a third-year Ranger from the Edmonton Area. I’ve been in Girl Guides since Embers, and I cannot express how grateful I am to this organization! Guiding has helped me build my leadership and teamwork skills, and it has overall helped me grow as a person. This will be my second year on the Youth Forum, and I’m excited to continue the ongoing projects from last year and find new ways to give back to the community!

Outside of guiding, I like to draw, paint, and take my cat on walks in the backyard. I also absolutely love the performing arts and am a part of both the musical and technical theatre programs at my school!


ANY Youth Forum Serina

Greetings! I’m Serina, and I am honoured to be joining the Youth Forum this year. I am in my second year of Rangers, and this is my third year in Guiding. I am also a member of GGCForce! So far, I have earned my Canada Cord, Commonwealth Award, and Bronze Trailblazer with the goal of earning the gold. My favourite experiences include Pride with Calgary Area, participating in the ANY Backpacking camp, and volunteering at the ANY Embers camp at Tangletrees! This year, I am happy to say I will be a Junior Leader for an Embers unit and will be joining Trex. I joined the Youth Forum to develop leadership skills, push myself out of my comfort zone, and show members newer to Guiding that they belong too, because I know firsthand how daunting it may seem at first.

When I am not Guiding, you can find me sailing at the Glenmore Reservoir, wrestling for my school’s team, playing in my school’s concert and jazz bands, performing in drama, writing new cookie recipes, or volunteering at the Wilder Institute Calgary Zoo.

Shannon - Coordinator, ANY Council Youth Forum

Hi, I am Shannon, one of the ANY Council Youth Forum Coordinators. I am honoured and privileged to be a part of the Youth Forum team. I have been guiding for approximately 25 years, half of them as a youth member. I am thankful for the Girl Guides organization as it has given me many opportunities to learn, grow, and meet amazing people from all over the country, and a few outside of Canada as well.

When I am not Guiding, I am working in the technology field, either building or managing computer software projects. For fun, I enjoy dancing, puttering in my Garden (I like to grow my own food), walking my goofy dog, and enjoying the world that we live in.


ANY Youth Forum Sienna

I’m Sienna! I have been in Guiding since Sparks, and I have served on the Youth Forum for two years. Guiding has brought me so many opportunities to explore my interests, meet many incredible people, and be exposed to new experiences.

Through Guiding, I’ve found a supportive community and family. In particular, the Youth Forum has given me the chance to build my leadership skills, make connections, and give back to Girl Guides. Outside of Guiding, I love theatre, dance, biking, and painting!

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