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Alberta Council

Alberta Girl Guides is a provincial council within the National organization of Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada. The area covered includes Alberta, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Alberta Council Area Map 

Alberta Council Area Websites

Girl Guides of Canada - Alberta Council is subdivided into 11 different Areas. The following is a list of Areas within Alberta that have websites (there are five more areas; however they do not have websites at this time). Click on each image below to visit the Area websites!

  Calgary Area  Chinook Area  Cypress Hills Area  Edmonton Area  Parkland Area    Tamarac Area  

Alberta Provincial Commissioner Team

Provincial Commissioner - Kathy Batty

Kathy Batty began her Guiding journey as a Brownie and Guide in Mannville Alberta. She was not able to continue on with Pathfinders as unfortunately there was not a unit.  Her favourite memory of being a Brownie came when her unit travelled to Vegrerville to see Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.  Although they did not get to meet Her Majesty, the hype involved with the visit is where Kathy’s fascination with the Royal Family began.

In 1997, when her daughter was two, Kathy became a Tawny Owl with the 19th Brownies which is part of Pinedale District within Tamarac Area, located in St. Albert.  She loved the Brownies, eventually becoming Brown Owl and staying with the unit until 2005.

In the summer of 2005, Kathy received a phone call from a couple of girls who were former Brownies but were about to enter their last year of Pathfinders asking her to be their Guider during their final year of Pathfinders….how can one say no to that, so a Pathfinder Guider she became.  During that year the girls completed their Canada Cord and during the awards ceremony made Kathy cry by highlighting the impact Guiding made on their lives and how Kathy had been like a ‘second mom’ to them.  Nothing can make a Guider more proud than to know you made a difference!

During a brief stint as a Guide Guider, Kathy returned to Pathfinders until she became Tamarac Area Commissioner in 2009.

Like most other volunteers in Guiding, Kathy has worn a few different hats, sometimes more than one at a time, being the Pinedale District Commissioner, Tamarac Area Membership Adviser and PR Adviser and the Alberta Council Training Adviser before having the honour of becoming the 20th Provincial Commissioner for Alberta Council in May 2017.

Kathy is an avid sports fan, having played slo-pitch and soccer for many years.  She knows firsthand the benefits of being both mentally and physically active and encourages all units in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon to make a commitment to a healthy body and mind!


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