Guiding Lights Across ANY Council

Announcing our World Thinking Day celebration: Guiding Lights Across Alberta Council - February 22, 2022!

Celebrate with Girl Guides in your community, as we shine our Guiding lights in support of girl empowerment.

Local landmarks across the province and territories (like stadiums, bridges, structures, and buildings) will help us celebrate by lighting up in "Guiding blue" after dark, on the evening of February 22.

Locations throughout Alberta, Northwest Territories (NT) and Yukon have agreed to participate, so you can go admire the blue Guiding lights shining in your area that evening! Find out who's participating by visiting the map, below:

Every year, on February 22, Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day, a day of international friendship. It is an opportunity to speak out on issues that affect girls and young women, celebrate the founding of Girl Guides, and be connected to the 10 million members around the world who are part of the Guiding movement.

Here in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon (ANY), we have thousands of girls and women who are members of Girl Guides of Canada. We have Girl Guide programs in many communities in ANY, and our girls/volunteers light up their communities year-round through leadership, community service, and efforts to create a better world, by girls. This year’s Thinking Day festivities will look different than usual due to the current health realities, but we’re excited to celebrate in a way that is physically distant, keeps our communities safe, and brings a smile to the faces of girls, families, volunteers, and the public!

We also invite Guiding members and other supporters to light candles, make lanterns, and find other ways to shine your own Guiding lights from your homes.

Follow the Light it Up Blue activities and more on ANY Council's social channels:

Enter the photo contest for the best Guiding spirit displays across Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon! Contest Winners will receive a crest from Alberta Council and photos will be featured in a social media post mid-March. To enter, send your photos to Veronica at Please make sure a signed IR.1 (Image Release form) is recorded in iMIS for all those in the photo, and let us know what area you live in. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on March 1.

With your Girl Guide group, consider doing some crafting in the new year - you could decorate glass-jar lanterns, make luminary lanterns out of paper bags, or set up your own light displays in your windows or yards.

Here are some activity suggestions:

Activity Templates

  • Make an upcycled lantern with an empty metal can and a hammer/nail
  • Print, cut, and glue together a triangular lantern or cylindrical lantern made of paper
  • Cut out candle drip protectors for a candlelit walk
  • Make a Guiding window display for people to view using window markers, paper signs, blue lights, etc.
  • Create a Guiding Trefoil in the snow using food colouring
  • Light up your house using blue glow sticks, blue light strands, or homemade lanterns
  • Show your Guiding Spirit by wearing your uniform on World Thinking Day
  • Take a photo in front of one of the locations lit up blue or your own Guiding display on World Thinking Day in your Guiding uniform and share the photo with us!
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