Safe Guide

Safe Guide

If you are submitting Safe Guide forms for an upcoming activity/camp or have questions about the forms, please contact assessor(@)albertagirlguides(dot)com

National Safe Guide Forms are available on the GGC national website


PDF New! First Aid Training Opportunities
PDF New! Safe Guide Compliance for Door to Door Activities
 New! OAL Adventure Camping Trip Experience Log
PDF New! So Now You Are the Responsible Guider
PDF New!  A to Z Activities with Table of Contents
PDF Best Practices for Large Events
PDF Best Practices for Non-Member Children

2016 SAMPLE Safe Guide Forms

The Provincial Assessors have provided the following filled-out SAMPLE Safe Guide forms to aid you in preparing your forms for various activities.  The provided documents may not be used as-is, but are meant to help you--please personalize the forms for each specific activity and your own unit.

 SG.4   SAMPLE Emergency Response Plan (Unit Meeting)   Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.1  SAMPLE Activity Plan (Overnight Camp)  Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.3  SAMPLE Activity Notification or Authorization (Overnight Camp)   Aug 2016    PDF
 SG.4  SAMPLE Emergency Response Plan (Overnight Camp)  Aug 2016    PDF

Safe Guide Snap
 - tidbits to support you with your risk identification and risk management

Planning an activity that is heavily weather dependent (i.e.: snow tubing, snowboarding)?

We suggest you put 2 activity dates on your SG.1 and SG.3. The first date is the one you hope for!  This is the date that you calculate the deadline for sending in forms.

The second date is the alternate date if needed. This way you don’t have to submit all new paperwork if you need to cancel the first date. Parents will have already signed permission for both dates.

If you need to use the alternate date, let your assessor know and advise of any changes in supervisors etc.

We can accept an alternate date for up to 1 month after the original one.  After that, new paperwork needs to be completed.

Happy Safe Guiding,

Pat and Enidd  

Provincial Safe Guide co-Advisers 

Girl Guides of Canada, Alberta Council


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