Forms and Resources for Alberta Council Members

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This form needs to be used each time someone donates a uniform/insignia or other historic materials to the Alberta Council Archives.

Advisers and Committees

Use this form to apply for positions as follows:

    • Committee Adviser
    • Position on an Alberta Council Committee
    • Position on Alberta Council

Alberta Girl Guide House Booking



Effective July 1st, 2015, the following process is in place for all contracts within the jurisdiction of Alberta Council.

Contracts are to be forwarded via email to the following addresses dependent on your location:

North Areas - – serving Aurora Adventures Area, Edmonton  Area, Michener Area, Peace River Area, Tamarac Area and Woodsmoke Area.

South Areas - – serving Calgary Area, Chinook Area, Cypress Hills Area, Parkland Area and Prairie Rose Area.

If the contract requires a signature on an original document (please verify that this is actually necessary) then please mail the contract to the Alberta Council office, attn: Contracts, and it will be dealt with at that location.

NOTES pertaining to Contract Submissions:

  • Please include your name, unit name, and area with your email.
  • Please ensure that your contract has been filled out with all applicable information.  Blank contracts cannot be signed.
  • Contracts need to be submitted in pdf format – jpgs or other graphic formats will be sent back.
  • If your contract requires a certificate of insurance - Requests for copies of GGC liability insurance need to be submitted directly to our national insurance provider (BFL Canada) each time you need one.  In Member Zone access the "INS.02 form" (login required), and the instructions of what to do with it and where to send it are very nicely described on the form itself.

Please allow two weeks for contracts to be reviewed, signed and returned.


  • Cookies (The Cookie Tracking record, Verification Report, and Best Practices for Cookies, etc.)


Forms Retention

Items for Rent/Loan

Flags - Use this form to book International Flags, Poles and Stands for Guiding Events.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Units for Geocaching 15 Garmin e-Trex Legend units and 24 Garmin e-Trex 20 GPS Receiver units are available, a legacy of the provincial event 007-A Chance to Bond, are owned by Alberta Council.

    • 15 'northern-based' units are kept at the Alberta Council office 
    • 24 'southern-based' units are kept in Calgary
    • A record of the serial numbers is maintained at the Alberta Council office

Sewing Machines - Alberta Council Program Committee owns 10 sewing machines for Alberta Council sponsored events and makes these machines available for use by Alberta Council units.

  • 5 machines are kept at the Alberta Council office in Edmonton
  • 5 machines are kept with a Calgary custodian

           A record of the serial numbers is maintained at the Alberta Council office.


Visit the Publications page for:

  • Back issues of ANY-GuideNews, Blue-Print
  • Annual Reports
  • Alberta Council Manual
  • Extra Eyes Process for Publications / Website Submission Form
  • Other

Safe Guide

Scholarship Information and Applications


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