Safe Guide

Safe Guide

If you are submitting Safe Guide forms for an upcoming activity, email the forms to

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National Safe Guide Forms are available on the GGC national website


2019 SAMPLE Safe Guide Forms

The Provincial Assessors have provided the following filled-out SAMPLE Safe Guide forms to aid you in preparing your forms for various activities.  The provided documents may not be used as-is, but are meant to help you--please personalize the forms for each specific activity and your own unit.

SG.1 SAMPLE Single Unit Camp Sept 2019
SG.3 SAMPLE Single Unit Camp Sept 2019
SG.4 SAMPLE Single Unit Camp Sept 2019
SG.4 SAMPLE Unit Meeting Sept 2019

Happy Safe Guiding,
Twyla Jenkins and Chris Haydon
Provincial Safe Guide co-Advisers 

Girl Guides of Canada, Alberta Council

11/27/2020 9:52:48 AM